Energy measures in a culturally protected consert hall

André Persson, Florian Wochele, Vitaliya Mokhava - LTH
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2016 - 2017


Deltagande organisationer

LTH, Installationsteknik, Energi och Byggnadsdesign Helsingborg stad

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André Persson,
Florian Wochele,
Vitaliya Mokhava,

Dennis Johansson, d
Henrik Davidsson,


This study focuses on the possibility of implementation solar energy in the concert house in Helsingborg, Sweden. Furthermore, the general possibilities of a renovation and improvement of the building energy performance were investigated, since energy measures were not a focus point when the building was constructed in 1932. All alterations in the building were also investigated from an economical point of view.


Helsingborgs Konserthus, located in Helsingborg, Sweden, was the object of the performed study. The building was completed in 1932 according to the planning of Sven Markelius, renovated several times and listed as cultural protected in 1997.

Förväntade resultat

The conclusion was made that using a photovoltaic system and adding insulation will be a feasible measure, meanwhile adding a solar thermal system and changing the existing windows will not be viable.
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